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Not every child tests well and that is why TestPaper.biz is here to help your child improves his Primary School Test Paper scoring ability. TestPaper.biz has the experience and resources to bring your child a complete test preparation system that will bring results. Using TestPapers.biz's old school test papers will improve your child’s test and exam scores, boost his morale and put a smile back on his and your faces.

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TestPapers.biz Primary School Exam Papers include Raffles Girl, Tao Nan, Nanyang, Rosyth, ACS, Red Swastika, Methodist Girl, Nan Hua, Maha Bodhi, Henry Park, Pei Chuan, Kong Hua, Catholic High and SCGS Exam Papers.

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Tests can be very intimidating to a child. No matter how well they do on daily work or much studying they put in, some children have difficulty when it comes to taking tests. For some it is just nerves, while others have never learned the strategies needed to master taking tests.

If you are tired of seeing red marks on your child’s tests accompanied by low scores, then it is time to take action. Your child doesn’t have to struggle to receive mediocre grades when “A’s” are within his grasp. When you purchase test papers, you can help your child boost his grade in a very short time frame. Here are some of the areas we can help with:

· English Test Papers

· Maths Test Papers

· Science Test Papers

· Chinese Test Papers

You can access the means to prepare for top 10 school exam papers and help your child succeed like never before.

These examination papers use the same techniques, even the same questions in many cases that the teachers use in their exams. Unless you have access to these resources, your child can spend hours preparing with the wrong material and not receive the grade he is capable of earning. By giving your child access to these information, old school test papers or past years test question library, he can prepare for tests with confidence and get an edge over his classmates. – a skill that will benefit him for the rest of his life.

Test Paper Singapore 

Our test papers give your child confidence so that he can enter the test facility assured of a good outcome. Student generally will be familiar with the material on the note, tests, the structure and the questions. What better way is there to prepare your child for his tests?

Studying only goes so far when getting ready to take exams. Without some idea of what the teacher will looking for on the test, your child’s efforts can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. Our test papers bank come with question and answer sheet so you always know the questions and the answers. There is no doubt about what to expect on test day and your child can proceed with confidence.

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So many children struggle with preparing for exams. Often their parents were the same way. Many are at a loss as to how to help their children overcome their frustration and anxiety. Now, with Online Test Papers on your side, you can say goodbye to those feelings of inadequacy for you and your child. No longer will you have to wonder things like:

· Will my child be able to get an “A”?

· Is there a method to how the questions are chosen?

· Can my child prepare for his test quickly?

· Can my child be helped in all his major subjects?

The answer to all these questions is a resounding “Yes!” Your child can earn top grades. He can learn quickly by understanding the questions that will be asked in all major subjects.

You may be asking yourself right now if the program is worth your money. Ask yourself this instead: Is my child’s future worth the money? That is, after all, what we are talking about – your child’s future. Is your child’s future worth the investment?

As your child takes the practice tests, over and over, he gains not only confidence in his new found test-taking abilities but also gains knowledge. The more knowledge he gains, through test-taking practice, the better he performs. This can provide him the competitive edge he needs not only to succeed in school but in life.


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The examined PFD test paper works because the questions are developed from tests given in previous academic school years. Many of the same questions are asked every year. Along with the questions, your child or students will get an explanation of the sample answer to help him learn why that is the final correct answer. This facilitates the learning mentioned earlier. This type of practice can give your child the head start he needs to excel.

This method has a proven track record so you can purchase test papers and downloads them with confidence. As a matter of fact, we are so certain that this selection can help your child raise his test grades that when you purchase our 2016 top ten schools exam papers and get free download of 2006 to 2015 exam papers too. That’s right! We will give you the 2006 to 2014 test papers in pfd format absolutely free.

With all of this material at your disposal, you can help your child prepare for exam day. You won’t find a better value anywhere. And since you are investing in your child’s future, getting a good value on the invest you make is a bonus.

Can you bear to look at those sad eyes again when the test papers come home covered only in red ink? Can you stand to watch as your child grows more and more disillusioned with the school system and deferred himself? No loving parent can. That is why you need to act quickly within days so that you can turn around the pattern of declining self-esteem your struggling child may have. With a little help and the right tools, your child can views and turn that trend around. Once they experience success, they are energized to keep after it. Their outlook changes and their positive attitude returns. Reading some Examination tips may also help your child suceed in getting good grade.

Once you give Test Papers a try, you will never rely on another method of test preparation again. , Purchase our 2016 top ten schools exam papers and get free download of 2009, 2010, 2011 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 exam papers today so your child can get busy learning how to perform to the utmost of his abilities right away. Don’t forget that all of our test come with question and answer sheet. That means you, as the parent, don’t have to worry about determining if the answers are right or wrong. Nothing could be easier.

At TestPaper.biz, you and your child will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did everything within your power to help your child succeed.

Below is the video on Singaporean students give their tips to ace the exams.

Ten reasons why your child must do our Top School Exam Papers? 

Primary School Exam Papers

What parent wouldn’t go to great lengths to help their child do well on test and exams? Helping your child succeed in life is the primary goal of any loving parent. That is why it is important that, as parents, we do all we can for our children. By practicing for the Top 10 school exams papers, you child will be well-prepared for his own exams and sail through them with flying colors. Fortunately, Online Test Papers is here to help you help them to do just that. Here are the top ten reasons why your children should do the Top School Exam Papers: 

1. Quality Materials – TestPapers.biz uses questions taken from actual tests given in recent years to compile English test papers, Math test papers, Science test papers and Chinese test papers that are realistic and resourceful. Children learn best when they get to practice with the real thing.

2. Teach as Well as Train- The tests used in our program not only prepare children for taking their exams in a realistic way, but because each test comes with question and answer sheet that explains why the answer is correct. This, in turn, helps children retain the knowledge and learn.

3. Builds Confidence – In order to get the most out of the program, the child will need to practice the test several times. Each time, as the child learns, he will perform better which in turn promotes self-confidence, a necessary life skill. 

4. Improved Grades – Whatever the reason your child struggles with tests – poor study habits, anxiety – practicing with tests that are as close to the real thing as possible will give him the edge he needs to rise to his fullest potential. 

5.Tests Are in Accordance with MOE Standards – So as to provide a realistic experience, which is the best way to prepare for exams, all tests are prepared in compliance with the Ministry of education standards and guidelines. 

6. Easy to Administer – All tests come with answers. This means parents don’t have to try to figure out if the child has answered correctly on each question by relying on their own knowledge. Simply check it against the answer sheet. This makes grading very simple. 

7. Additional Materials Free – When you purchase our 2016 top ten schools exam papers and get free download of 2006 and 2015 exam papers for free, you are getting an enormous amount of resource material with which to train your child for his upcoming exams.

8. An Edge Up in Life – The world is a competitive place and that can be seen even in the classroom. Helping your child compete in this world will give him the edge up he needs to achieve his dreams and goals. 

9. Easy to Access – Once your payment is complete, you simply download the program of your choice. You can begin working with your child immediately to improve his test taking skills with hyperlink and bookmarking features.

10. Easy to Use – Once the tests are answers are printed out, children can take the tests over and over, as often as needed until the desired performance levels are needed. No extras fees to pay because you can download as many times as you like once your membership fee has been paid.

Free 2014 and 2015 English Test Papers Download (Past Years Exam Papers)

2014 Primary 1 Test Papers (10 x School) download

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2014 Primary 3 Test Papers (10 x School) download

2014 Primary 4 Test Papers (10 x School) download 

2014 Primary 5 Test Papers (10 x School) download

2014 Primary 6 Test Papers (10 x School) download

2015 Free P1 English x 17 Schools (Sample set 01) 

2015 Free P2 English x 17 Schools (Sample set 01) 

2015 Free P3 English x 17 Schools (Sample set 01) 

2015 Free P4 English x 17 Schools (Sample set 01) 

2015 Free P5 English x 17 Schools (Sample set 01) 

2015 Free P6 English x 17 Schools (Sample set 01) 

Test Paper Singapore offers the latest 2017 test papers from Top 10 School Exam Papers (Old School Test Papers 2017). Download the free test paper for 2011 or free English test paper for 2015 now. Purchase our 2017 top ten schools exam papers and get free download of 2006 to 2015 exam papers today!


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