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27th May 2014
How to Answer Precisely What the Examiner Wants?

"Understanding Examiner"

By: Sharon
Divide the Problem into a Set of Sub Problems

Given an exam question, divide the problem into a set of sub problems through a series of transformations and representations. Once established that a solution exists within given boundaries truncated it into smaller sub problems which when solved leads to the desired results. Representing problems as sub problems helps break down the complexity of a question into manageable portions. This also has a domino effect, solving one sub problem may aid in solving the rest hence a high speed of answering questions.

Appreciative Inquiry

Another method of solving exam questions precisely is through appreciative inquiry, a problem solving mechanism using what already is correct and builds upon them. By focusing on what has worked or already certified as true, other parts of the problem begin to be clear. The psychological satisfaction of having finished a portion of a problem and re-looking gives a heighten drive to tackle the rest. It is a sort of capitalizing of the reward mechanism in-built in humans that triggers after success.

Heuristic Technique

A heuristic is a problem solving technique that utilizes methods tried before and worked, an example being trial and error method. Though proving vital in problem solving, heuristics provide satisfactory answers and never exact answers but preferred for their speediness. Educated guess, intuitive judgment and common sense pass as heuristics. The aim is speed of obtaining results and not the accuracy of the results thereby never solely relied on. A more refined form of heuristic is the what-if analysis; by supposing the end state of a problem given certain conditions the dimension of a problem comes to view.

After observing data and evidence, generalized deductions are useful in pointing out the trend in questions. A quick hypothesis formed from an observation holds as true until another piece of data invalidates it, if otherwise a problem solution comes much faster. Just like heuristics, the essence in inductive reasoning is speed, much of it happens intuitively, and automatically Analogy is simply using an example or a model that fits a problem. Often, problems encountered are not unique and parallels drawn from similar problems.

Building a Straw Man

Problems normally present incomplete information to work with. It is safe to gather facts and data until you a ready to build a strong argument, or get going with a not-so-complete solution, with the intention of finding a much better one, as more information become known. That is the premise behind building a straw man, creating a first draft and testing it until realization of a rock solid outcome.

Socratic Questioning

The last method to use to answer questions precisely is Socratic questioning; a mode of thought that deeply probes the meaning, justification, or logical strengths of an exam question, position or line of reasoning. Through Socratic questioning, questions continuously asked to expound on a problem or until a solution becomes clear. It is the oldest probing method developed by Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates; it focuses on questions and not answers.

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