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Why Top Scorers Practice Past Year Exam Papers   

6th Aug 2013 
Written by: Test Paper Admin 

Singapore has developed a world-leading education system that has allowed students from nursery school to university level to compete with the rest of the world and secure gainful employment anywhere. 

In Singapore, students are faced with major challenges regarding the completion of different levels of education despite making great efforts to study. Their efforts in class and at home which involve intensive tuition after school can all go to waste if they do not focus on exam preparation. This has lead to an ever increasing demand for past papers that are prepared by the top institutions of learning in order to guide candidates on how to answer questions on the national and international level.
At the primary level, top scorers will focus on improving their performance by practicing with past exam papers that go back up to 10 years. Assessment books do not provide all the answers to success. As such, there are advantages on practicing with past papers because questions are repeated frequently and given sufficient time, students can sit for their exams with the foreknowledge on what type of questions to expect and the accompanying answers. The past year exam papers provide answers that are generally not revealed in advance by teachers in order to encourage the students to put more effort into studying. The confidence derived from a student practicing with full-length exam papers is like going into battle with full armor and the results obtained speak for themselves. To get into the desired secondary school, many students refer to the PSLE Results Cut Off Point.
The secondary level of education is no different with equal emphasis being laid on exam preparation through the use of past examination papers. A similar approach is used where questions taken from actual tests given in previous years in subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Science, Chinese, Maths and English are provided more so online because more and more secondary school children have become averse to the use of computers and laptops. There are instances where questions are repeated the following year and when the test-taking skills and abilities are enhanced, it is likely that a student will be able to compete with fellow students with the possibility of being a top scorer. Accurate answer sheets reduce the likelihood of committing errors in the exam while building confidence and improving grades without more ado.
The use of past year exam papers is also a common feature in university because the education system in Singapore is characterized by examining students on material that has been taught and tested in the past. This is due to the fact that key topics generally warrant the setting of exams that are similar in questions and answers. At tertiary level, students prefer to be online due to course material and it is incumbent upon them to find the correct study material by researching topics on the internet. Conversely, free exam papers have been availed online offering students the opportunity to find accurate answers to questions that are most likely to be asked on sitting the exams.
Singapore has developed a world-leading education system that has allowed students from nursery school to university level to compete with the rest of the world and secure gainful employment anywhere.


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